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Trucos Palm How to connect to internet via bluetooth Palm

One of the coolest features, and that over time will become critical, is the ability to connect to the internet from our Palm. Depending on the device, we have to use one technology or another. The Treo for example, to be both PDA and phone, can use the data connection of our operator we either GSM , GPRS , UMTS or any other data transmission technologies available today. The advantage of this connection is that, where there is coverage, there will be internet. The problem is the price, because the rates are still prohibitive connection.

The Palm connectivity available wifi allow us, on the other hand, whenever we are in the coverage range of a wireless network (in our house, in a hotspot, etc), connect to internet immediately so. In this scenario, the cost and depends on who provides us access to that network. The setup is simple, as far we know the network key if encryption using WEP .

But there is a third way to connect our Internet Palm, and it is through bluetooth . For that we need a computer with internet connection, such as a PC, and that has Bluetooth connectivity as well. For the PC, simply purchase a USB bluetooth adapter, which has a very low cost. There are even laptops that already have integrated bluetooth series. The bluetooth connection is quite slower than wifi, and has less coverage. But if our Palm already has bluetooth, it does not cost us anything to use it to navigate without having to sit in front of the PC (bluetooth allows many more things, but that's another post).

Navegando mediante el bluetooth
Navigating through bluetooth

What then is going to explain the process of configuring the connection between a Windows XP PC with a
USB bluetooth adapter and a Tungsten E2. Some initial considerations, to avoid problems:

  • If we connect to the internet through a router, it is important that before you install anything, let's check the IP address of the router is not If so the you change to a different.
  • On the other hand, if we are using a Tungsten T, it is important to have installed the PalmTungstenTUpdate_enUS.prc file, which is an update that Palm released at the time, and can be downloaded from their website.
  • It is advisable to disable any firewall you have installed, to avoid problems. When everything works and we can turn again. And the same applies to Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and / or Windows Home Networking.

Once you have made these checks, we can begin the process:

  • The first point to note is that the default drivers that come with Windows XP are very basic and do not allow what we want. We need the specific drivers of our adapter. In my case is a SMC-BT10 and are the drivers of BlueSoleil . If your adapter is another, probably the drivers will be different. It is important downloaded the latest drivers from the adapter manufacturer's website. For example, in my case that came with the CD I could not connect to internet (version 1.4), but with the latest (version 1.6) itself.
  • Highlight your bluetooth adapter into a free USB port it in our PC. Windows will suggest some drivers, but canceled that installation. Then install the previously mentioned drivers. We will need to restart your PC for installation to complete.
  • For our Palm can be detected by the PC, we have to activate the bluetooth on it (in Preferences) and change the Discoverable option to another, so that our PC's can find.
  • Once you have restarted the PC, white and blue icon beside the clock bluetooth appears in the system tray. Double click and add our Palm as a paired device to PC. This will look for a Search option bluetooth device or something similar. When it detects the Palm, we pair the device with the PC and follow the steps that we are showing at enter the password you want (but you must use it in the PC and Palm). Here depending on the drivers you use, the process will be something different.

We now have all the necessary software installed. Now we have to configure everything. First part of the PC:

  • Open the Windows Control Panel, the Network Connections folder. Always connect to the Internet and created by a new bluetooth drivers appears. Right-click on the link provided and choose from the menu that pops up, the Properties option. Now open a window, she let the tab called Advanced, activate the Allow other network users to connect through the Internet connection of this equipment, and in the drop down list below, we choose the interface network that created the bluetooth drivers. We pressed accept, and you're sharing the internet connection of the PC with Bluetooth devices.
  • In my case now had to go to the settings on the bluetooth drivers (double click on the icon that was created by the clock of windows), and activate the LAN access service. In your case, this will depend on the bluetooth drivers that you setup, you is a matter of some research.

  • Something important: do not confuse LAN (our network connects to the Internet), PAN (another type of network that we are not using here), as they are completely different things. Finally, a way to check that the bluetooth connection is properly configured, is to go to its properties, and check that the IP address is, and the subnet mask

Configuración de la conexión de red bluetooth
Connection setup bluetooth network

Now configure the connection in the Palm:

  • Let the program Preferences and entered Red. In service we give the name you want (eg "PC for BT"). In connection deploy the list and chose Edit Connections .... We create a new one which will connect to LAN via Bluetooth. We also chose to use the device: we press the button and detect nearby Bluetooth devices. It should detect your PC, and select it.
  • Configurando el tipo de conexión
    Configuring the connection type

    Detectando nuestro PC
    Sensing my PC (Mutsumi)

  • We accept these changes and return to the Network preferences. Press the Details button .... Here we can choose between leaving the DNS server address and the IP address of the Palm to Automatic, or give them specific values ​​(primary DNS to, blank side, and IP I have to leave these parameters automatically to work, but other connections to the Internet you have to surely give these values. Everyone must prove which ones work.
  • Configuración
    "Automatic" setting

    "Manual" configuration

  • Finally, some computers may be necessary to define a login script. Click on Script ... and leave it as seen in the image. To my E2 was not necessary, but for older models you might.

Script de conexión
Login script

And you're finally all set. Now click on connect and you should be fine. If not, we must try to change some parameters. In the original page solutions to problems caused by routers, firewalls, etc. are described in this procedure. Here are the steps I followed to connect my Tungsten E2 to the internet via bluetooth, but may be different for other Palm, but not much. If you insist on not work, we can opt for simpre Softic PPP , although payment automates this process. But following this guide, I have found that drivers using a bluetooth USB adapter, you can connect the Palm to the Internet without problems. So patience, courage, and the bull.

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