Thursday, April 12, 2007

Novedades Palm Palm is also passed to Linux, parallel to Access and ALP

Juicy story that we read today in PalmInfocenter . Ed Colligan, Palm CEO, during the Palm Inc's Analyst Day has unveiled the company's plans regarding PalmOS and Linux: Palm is preparing a new operating system based on Linux . Do not confuse it with the ALP PalmSource which we have already spoken several times .

Combinación de PalmOS 5 Garnet con un núcleo Linux
Combination PalmOS 5 Garnet with a Linux kernel

  • Most importantly, this development of Palm itself, is that it combines the PalmOS Garnet (PalmOS 5) current with a Linux kernel. On the one hand our beloved PalmOS supposed to be not forgotten simpre but will be improved by a presumably multitasking, robust and support new technologies Linux kernel. On the other hand, it seems that PalmOS Cobalt (PalmOS 6) is completely forgotten, though perhaps Cobalt is nothing more than an advanced Garnet, and whatever it is used. Anyway, the new operating system pretty sure the current is enough, and the changes occurring underneath, something I think we all appreciate PalmOS users.

Se preven muchas mejoras al actual PalmOS 5
Many improvements are foreseen the current PalmOS 5

  • Ed Colligan highlighted as key points in the new operating system the ability to have a team of fast ignition, easily portable, with a long battery life. These are precisely the most important qualities of PalmOS, and I think a great success that have not left into oblivion.
  • Additionally other missing from your current operating system, such as the simultaneous processing of voice and data features and greater flexibility to support diverse hardware are enhanced (hopefully the wifi from within this flexibility).

PalmOS cuenta con muchas ventajas sobre Windows Mobile y demás competidores
PalmOS has many advantages over Windows Mobile and other competitors

  • Another aspect that is intended to enhance Web browsing and online services. They have examples backup systems and automatic software updates. Regarding web browsing, just remember the recent agreement with Opera , creators of the popular mobile browser Opera Mini , to realize who think go far.
  • Finally, there is the new operating system sleeve is removed, but that have been developing in Palm since quite some time .

Another fact that transpired in the subsequent press conference, is that new products that use both PalmOS 5 as the new OS will be on the market later this year, and a new type devices still unknown . In addition, these new products will not necessarily go on sale through operators (carriers), but also will be available directly. Bets are open then whether or not these teams include phone functionality. Perhaps you are thinking of something like the Nokia 800 .

There are still many things in the air. There have been no hardware or technical data SDK, nothing is known of compatibility with the current or future PalmOS development environment. But one thing is clear: there will be important developments and not too long.

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