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Novedades Palm Linux running on a Palm TX

The development of versions of Linux for Palm progressing well. For example, a distribution for Palm with good maturity is Angstrom , based on Gentoo Linux and versions for Palm Tungsten T5 and TX. As a graphic environment uses Opie , a fork of Qtopia focused on the PDAs.

Opie ejecutándose en una Palm TX
Opie running on a Palm TX

If you've ever used Linux, have certainly proven graphical environments KDE and Gnome . For example Ubuntu uses Gnome and Kubuntu KDE. As well, Qtopia is the basis of graphical environment KDE, so let Opie and KDE are "brothers." Although not used in Angstrom, is worth mentioning the other graphical environment for PDAs running Linux, called GPE , which uses libraries GTK , Gnome based, another known graphical environment for Linux. So if we have Linux PCs with the main options as KDE and Gnome graphical environments on the same com happens PDA Opie and GPE.

GPE ejecutándose en una Palm TX
GPE running on a Palm TX

Well, our friend Leo posted on his blog a video and screenshots of Opie / Armstrong running on your TX. A part-time operating system load, around a minute because it is reading the SD, not in main memory, I was surprised how quickly that start applications, taking into account the complexity of Linux system operating compared for example with PalmOS. It makes me think that when a vesion of Linux for Palm optimized for these devices, such as Palm Inc. ALP, the result can be more than satisfactory develops.

New most stable Linux for Palm TX, in one package with everything you need version, just unzip the contents to the root of the SD card, run the Cocoboot that appear on the card and ready to use Palm

The Angstrom Linux video can be downloaded from the website of Linux for Palm . the instructions are simple:

  • Download the full package (for example "Palm TX (all)").
  • Unzip the file and copy it to the root directory of the SD card from the Palm.
  • Make a backup of the information on our Palm case.
  • Run the "Cocoboot" program that appears in our Palm installed and do tap into the "Boot" option. This program will reset the Palm charging we have installed Linux instead of bringing the PalmOS Palm factory.
  • Linux boot. I enjoy it. In MobileTopSoft we can read the opinions of those who have been tested.

To be aware of the progress of this Linux for TX, I recommend following the blog of its creator .

Cómo se vería nuestra TX con Angstrom/Opie ejecutándose en lugar de PalmOS
How would our TX with Angstrom / Opie running instead of PalmOS

For those who want to try Linux on your Palm, Leo has compiled a list of FAQs that abusing your kindness, I will also include here, for those who have doubts to try Linux on your Palm:

  • Is it safe to load Linux: Absolutely, just as a program runs mas and a Soft Reset is exited.
  • Can I go back to PalmOS: Yes, you just have to restart the Palm.
  • Do not lose information: No way, only you reset and go back to how you were. ADVISE BUT MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE TESTING.
  • Can I use "X" device files you posted for "Y" device: NO, each package is for a specific device TX, T5 ...).
  • Where do I download the most current version of Linux for my Palm: From Hack & Dev .
  • Can I install applications in Linux: No, but bring a good set of apps to keep you occupied.
  • Can only work with Linux on the Palm: Yes, the package includes Apps is quite full.
  • By resetting the Palm where are the changes I made ​​in Linux, they lose: NO, are saved in the image on the card, and boot Linux again will your information there.
  • If my Palm is damaged you pay me: Hehehe, I'm afraid not, use at your own risk
  • Is it useful to change the operating system on my Palm: It really depends on your point of view.
  • Is this system Acces to submit this year, Acces Linux Platform: NO, this is a side project of porting Linux to Palm devices.

Happy hacking!

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