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Trucos Windows Mobile Plugins for the main screen of the new Windows Mobile 6.5

The launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 is imminent. The first machine with this new version of operating system will appear as soon HTC Touch 2 . were fact, many have already begun to use the preliminary versions of this Windows 6.5 to be watching developments bring. Remember the post on how to update the ROM of your phone .

One of these innovations is the radical change of the main screen (today), which had not been improved for years, and showed what increasingly unfashionable that was falling. HTC got replaced are the TouchFlo interface, which has been reported as successful, and after them other manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, Gigabyte ...) also made their own replacements, all "finger friendly" and dynamic. Microsoft finally took the hint and created what is known as "chome" his own touch interface to replace the ancient (but very customizable) "today".

La nueva pantalla principal de Windows Mobile 6.5
The new home screen of Windows Mobile 6.5

However, this Chome (or Titnium as appointing the forums), it is not too practical as the default. As are the list of tasks that make up the screen, a line has been reserved for each element of messaging. There is a whole element just to see if there are missed calls, one for SMSs, emails, etc.. Furthermore TouchFlo elements as the application launcher, or weather are missing.

Fortunately, once again, the developer community around Windows Mobile has managed to fill these gaps, creating a series of really useful plugins to add to chome, and a program to manage (something that Windows Mobile 6.5 does not allow by default). Let's see what these plugins are:

  • The plugin that will allow us to take one element missed calls, SMSs, emails, voicemails, etc, is Titanium System Notifications . So we will have much more space to install other plugins

Todas las notificaciones de mensajes y llamadas en una sóla línea
All notifications of messages and calls on one line

  • Another essential plugin CommManager Titanium , which focuses us a line shortcuts on or off the Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G, or switch to flight mode connectivity, all with a simple tap, instead of having to navigate to the Comm Manager Windows.
  • Coffice creates a new row with shortcuts to applications of the Office suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note and Communicator.
  • Twitter to always have at hand both to follow and to add messages, there are several plugins: Ctwitter integrates with PocketTweet . TwitterPanel is a similar option. Finally, a plugin which also shows the latest Tweets directly is Artesea Twm6.5r .
  • If what you want is to have Facebook by hand, with CFacebook we can quickly access Facebook Mobile and Facebook Instant Messenger.
  • Titanium System Panel in turn adds to our chome information on the occupation of RAM, internal memory and microSD card.
  • Favorite People is a must: allows hand to our usual contacts to call them or send a message with a single tap.

Contactos más habituales siempre disponibles en la pantalla principal
Top contacts are always available on the home screen

  • Titanium Weather on your part is a working plugin that allows us to always keep an eye on the weather of the place you want, as well as forecast the next five days. In locations where it is available, you can even show the radar images.

Un completo plugin de previsión meteorológica
A complete weather forecast plugin

  • CAnalogClock replaces the default clock of Windows Mobile for a much more colorful.
  • It is also very useful to have always available shortcuts to common programs, instead of searching for a time in the Windows start menu. Fulfills this role very well the plugin CLauncher , with its variants and CSettings CGames to group other shortcuts. Another option is the plugin Titanium Quick Launcher and its utility for editing QuickLauncher Editor .
  • To easily switch between different modes of volume (silent, vibration, low, high), cVolume is our plugin.
  • AudioManager Titanium plugin is an alternative to the default music player.
  • Finally Taskanium is a plugin management notes, allowing to create them directly.

Almost all of these plugins are available in CAB file, which simply must copy our Windows Mobile, ActiveSync for example, and then run it to install itself. However, these plugins are designed for machines in English, so to run it is easiest, once installed, move the folder "\ Program Files" to one that will create us with the name "\ Program Files" .

Finally, to choose the order of the plugins in the main screen, turn on and off that interest us, and even edit the text labels, for example to put titles in Castilian it is in English, we have the program Chome Editor as second option Titanizer .

With all this material will leave the main screen of Windows Mobile 6.5 completely customized, and certainly much more useful as is the default.

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