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Análisis Android Galcon and Planetary Wars: incredibly addictive global strategy for Android

In these years of using PDAs and smartphones I could enjoy many games, but simple given the limited power (until recently) of the computers that was designed, had a gameplay and capacity comparable addiction the best arcade games , console or PC. I remember with special affection Space Trader , Lemonade Tycoon , Bike or Die , Vexed , and many others, all games that surprised me at the time so I just commented. A few days ago I again had that feeling with a game that can not be simple in its approach, but nevertheless it is taking me hooked for hours: Planetary Wars .

It is a game that I installed by accident, but a little research proves to be a more successful version first appeared iOS and then ported to Android and WebOS , called Galcon . There are versions of the game online , PC , and is even used in algorithmic contests .

Excelente juego de estrategia con una mecánica muy simple
Excellent strategy game with a simple mechanical

The mechanics are simple:

  • Part of outer space appears with a number of planets of various sizes on the screen. We started installed in one of them (colored in green) and the enemy in another (colored in red). The other planets are neutral (gray).
  • A number appears on each planet. Represents the number of ships that are installed on it. If a team has busy, this number increases with time, and the rate at which it does is proportional to the size of the planet. Therefore it is more interesting to have occupied a large than a small planet, in order to increase our fleet.
  • Neutral planets also have number but this is fixed. Represents the number of ships we should send the same to claim this planet for us.
  • The goal is to conquer one by one all the planets, either neutral or occupied, to eliminate the opposing team. You will win when there is no planet occupied (red).
  • To move our navy from one planet to another simply have to select it with your finger and drag it to the destination planet. We can move ships from multiple planets at once by simply running over them the finger of a stroke (in Galcon this is not possible, change can select all the planets with a double tap). In any case automatically half the ships stationed on each planet leave for your chosen destination.
  • Every game you win gives us a point, and every lost game remains for us a third.
  • The game has a great strategic component, since the outcome of the game can change in a resounding defeat to an overwhelming victory in its way as an attack small but easy to win big points but with many planets, or first, if we try to conquer us first space quickly or we prefer largely indefensible attack enemy planets, etc.

The grace of the game is that a global score list where we can see what position we are winning games as we go is maintained. And Galcon for example it is possible to play directly online multiplayer against players from anywhere in the world.

Planetary Wars is free, although the original Galcon is chargeable (also not very expensive). There are many more free games that use the same mechanics as Planet Wars Lite , Solar Wars , Universe Conquest , Battle Star , Crystal Wars , Avid Planets and more, which gives an idea of the tremendous success of this game is having, and in my opinion reason.

Finally a game that stands out by highly addictive it is and the number of different strategies that can, among other qualities play like that to start a game never know if we will win or not, and that shows up with practice we are gradually gaining experience and being more effective in increasingly complex levels. Elijáis the application that you choose, I recommend you to try, because it really is worth it.

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