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Trucos Android Update your Samsung Galaxy S with Android Ice Cream Sandwitch

These past months have been a happy user of my Galaxy S with both the "official" ROMs Samsung as with MIUI and Darky Rom two ROMs by independent communities that further enhance the phone experience. Whatever the Gingerbread ROM you heap up, agree with me that have been behind the crash, the battery did not last long, etc. I think Android is the only case in the world of technology, where on the same hardware, each version of the software runs faster and more stable.

But it is time that your smartphone does face a new challenge: the version 4 of Android operating system, known as Ice Cream Sandwich . It is clear that Samsung will get an official update since the Galaxy S RAM is becoming a little bit for this version (the phone was released more than two years ago), but if we fail to do so, why not with enthusiasts who make the impossible possible. And one of these projects is that I am going to talk about today, after being certified by experience maturity.

Which brings Ice Cream Sandwich

But first I will comment on what they liked about Ice Cream Sandwich and why it's worth updating:

  • Improved design: simple, with a more discreet appearance. Categorized menus more intuitive system. Buttons application on the rods for routine actions.
  • Menus and similar to a tablet interface, so that you have both devices do not have to think about how things are done in each.
  • New highly customizable main launcher, and many inherited widgets for tablets, with useful and beautiful widgets for Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, etc. Besides, you can resize.
  • Sync browser bookmarks with Chrome on the PC.
  • Better control of applications running in the background (and deplete our data rate and battery).
  • Best photo gallery and faster camera.
  • Integration default Google Books and Google Music.
  • The famous facial recognition unlock (so far I have not managed to run).
  • Generally similar to that of the best fluidity gingerbread ROMs.
  • Small details: zoom with fingers on the calendar, keyboard more useful to hold a key, and many others hidden in each application.

So in summary this has been a major upgrade, much more noticeable than those accounted for Froyo and Gingerbread.

And now that I have put the long teeth, let's see how to install Ice Cream Sandwitch on our Galaxy S. Well, it's no more complicated than installing any third-ROM:


This ROM is still experimental so we must keep in mind that something might stop working at some point (wifi, 3G, etc) could have lost data, etc. Always Make a backup of your apps with Titanium Backup and call / SMS with SMS backup . In fact I recommend that you use both no matter the ROM that you have installed programs.


The steps are:

  • First we must be able to boot into CWM recovery mode called (initials ClockWorkMod). For this we must install a kernel that integrates. For example Voodoo Kernel , whose installation via ODIN (PC) software we saw in this other post . Instalad always a kernel that matches the version of Android that brings your phone, which you can see in "Settings> About phone." If you have previously installed and other kernels with CWM as SpeedMod (used in many ROMs) Darkcore (the ROM Darky ), Galaxian , etc, you can skip this step.
  • We also need to be clear which particular model is our Galaxy S phone: i9000 is the international model, I9000B is the model of Latin America and some other countries, Captivate and Vibrant are two custom models US carriers. We can see what our model is, as we have done before entering the "Settings> About phone" menu on your phone.
  • Now we enter the Web of Onecosmic are those who have made ​​this ROM Ice Cream Sandwitch on their own. We chose our top model phone, and we will open a page where you can download the corresponding ROM. The link is labeled "Main ROM". For example today and for the i9000 the link called "". This file should download it to your PC and then copy it to the phone via the USB cable, or download directly from the Android Web browser. Let one or the other, I recommend putting it at the root of the internal memory, ie, in "/ sdcard".

El modo recovery CWM desde el que instalaremos la ROM
The CWM recovery mode from which you will install the ROM

  • Now we have everything ready. Now turn off your phone and turn it on while pressing the buttons "turn volume up + home +" for about 10 seconds to enter the recovery mode, if you have installed the appropriate kernel as we saw in the beginning, is the CWM mode. Once there choose "install zip from sdcard" then "select zip from sdcard" and choose the ZIP file that you have copied to the phone. Then it will install the ROM and reboot the phone a few times in the process.
  • Chances are that after two or three reboots constantly reinicándose end the same way, in an endless loop. At this point we must turn off the phone (by pressing more than 8 seconds on the power button or removing the battery and turning it directly put). Once we turn off into CWM mode by combination of three keys. This time choose "wipe cache and dalvik cache" and immediately "wipe data / factory reset" (NOTE: this will erase all data on the phone). After this step, restart by choosing "reboot system now" and the system will load first. It may take a few minutes the first time.
  • If we do not get phone boot, go back into CWM mode and re-install the ROM and make the "wipes". It will all work out, a little patience.

And with that we will have Ice Cream Sandwich running on our Galaxy S, making this phone a whole SUV, which was released with Android Eclair (2.0), then was upgraded to Froyo (2.2), after Gingerbread (2.3) and now moves Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

Again, this ROM is still experimental so we must keep in mind that something might stop working at some point (wifi, 3G, etc) could have lost data, etc. Always Make a backup of your apps with Titanium Backup and call / SMS with SMS backup . In fact I recommend that you use both no matter the ROM that you have installed programs.

To what is this new Android, and the years that already has the Galaxy S, I think the system moves pretty well. Especially after a half hour of use after installation and a reboot, so you "settle". So I encourage everyone to try it, and that you share your experience in the comments. It will be like the kings you have brought a new phone.

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