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Análisis Android Galcon and Planetary Wars: incredibly addictive global strategy for Android

Excelente juego de estrategia con una mecánica muy simple

In these years of using PDAs and smartphones I could enjoy many games, but simple given the limited power (until recently) of the computers that was designed, had a gameplay and capacity comparable addiction the best arcade games , console or PC. I remember with special affection Space Trader, Lemonade Tycoon, Bike or Die, Vexed, and many others, all games that surprised me at the time so I just commented. A few days ago I have this feeling again with a game that can not be simpler in its [...]

Análisis Android Revive the best of your Palm to your Android smartphone

Escribiendo con Graffiti en nuestro Android

It has rained since my beloved Palm Tungsten E2 went to the cemetery of the Palm. I have very fond memories of the PalmOS operating system, like Windows Mobile, had his good things I miss. Fortunately the spirit of PalmOS has survived the test of time and looks in some applications available on the Android Market itself. Applications Undoubtedly Palm got a system very efficient text entry with his Graffiti. In Android you can continue to use it officially through the Access itself. We also have an unofficial option: Stroke [...]

Análisis Android Download thousands of free wallpapers and ringtones for your mobile Android

En Zedge encontraremos miles de fondos de pantalla gratuitos

One of the first things we do anything else buy a new mobile is customize a ringtone and a wallpaper to our liking. Some even customize the notification sound (email or SMS again, etc). Some prefer to be discreet, others terribly corny, some are geeks, others will last ... but whatever our taste no doubt that in the Zedge community find what they seek, from the greeting of R2D2 to the last song fashion. Zedge is a social network where thousands (or millions) are shared [...]

Análisis Android Manage networks and systems from Android

Accediendo por telnet o SSH desde nuestro Android

With the ubiquity of wireless networks in businesses and homes, and the possibility of data connection on nearly any other point, smartphones have become a veritable Swiss Army knife for sysadmins and netadmins. And the possibility of a rapid test or execute a command from the phone, you can save quite a journey to the place where we have a more traditional computer network access. Therefore, I will recommend you the most useful applications for which we have to play daily network equipment or information systems either [...]

Análisis Android Create profiles on Android dependent on where you're

Llama nos permite aplicar perfiles según dónde nos encontremos

One thing that is lacking in regard to more mature Android operating systems like Symbian, is the ability to define profiles to quickly change the phone's behavior with respect to volume, vibration, etc. But once again, the community of developers of XDA-Developers has covered this gap, I would say exceptionally. One of these geniuses created the application Llama, free and infinitely powerful, which combines profiling and management of multiple parameters of the phone, a geo-based system in the vicinity of phone masts (from [...]

Análisis Android Use your android phone as a webcam on your PC

Droidcam nos ayudará en todo el proceso de configuración

On more than one occasion we will have begun to chat with someone from a PC that does not have webcam using a messaging program which supported the possibility of video: Google Talk, Skype, Live Messenger, many that give us that possibility no cost additional. And next we had our nice Android phone with your integrated camera sleeping on the table. Would not it be great to use the camera phone as a webcam on your PC? DroidCam help us throughout the configuration process For not only be great, but it is possible: using the free application DroidCam, which [...]

Análisis Android Save battery by turning off wifi and free data intelligently

Y5 Battery saver activará el wifi sólo donde lo necesitemos

Often we complain how little does the battery of smartphones. With heavy use, we may need to connect the charger the phone several times a day, if we do not get completely unloaded. However, the major cause of high electricity consumption are not programs but, both wifi and wireless data connection (GPRS / UMTS / CDMA / HSDPA / HSPUA ... which everyone stands choose one you like). I still remember the day I had to do tethering of Galaxy S 3G connection via wifi to [...]

Análisis Android Synchronize files via network between your Android phone and your PC or FTP server

Transfiriendo archivos por 3G entre nuestro Android y un PC

Smartphones coalesce into a single computer many features before we distributed among several. Being a "Swiss army knife" means that we must constantly transfer files between your phone and other devices, in both directions: pictures we took with the camera, music or videos you want to carry around important documents that we have on hand , or edited on the phone and want to sync with PC, backup of our applications we want to have a hard drive home network, etc. Normally for these tasks cable is used [...]

Análisis Android How to locate your lost or stolen Android phone

Con Lost Phone podemos bloquear remotamente nuestro teléfono

It is no surprise that mobile phones are the most frequently lost or stolen personal items, especially if it is a high-end terminal. And running out of phone is not just an economic problem and discomfort, and in it is a lot of personal information may we generated a real problem in the wrong hands. So, either because it is not the first time we left the phone anywhere and then not remember where, or to have a chance to recover if stolen, today we will see some free applications that we [...]

Análisis Android Personal analysis of Samsung Galaxy S

El Samsung Galaxy S es grande pero agradable en la mano

As promised, and after a week of intensive Samsung Galaxy S, I present my personal analysis. I will focus on the elements that have not been reflected in other reviews have appeared so far, or those elements that I consider necessary to emphasize. Ergonomics The phone is quite large with a width and height greater than an iPhone 4 however is much thinner, and surprisingly light, so contrary to what may seem it is nice to handle with one hand. Furthermore, the bottom is slightly larger, facilitating [...]