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Análisis Windows Mobile Discover graphically what files take up more space on your Windows Mobile phone

Analiza gráficamente qué está ocupando tanto espacio

A smartphone is like a Swiss army knife of mobility: listen to music, watch movies, read ebooks, take pictures, GPS navigator. This intensive it carries out a large amount of information. Thanks to the microSD cards can have several gigabytes of space available, but we all know it's never enough. Before or desu end up discovering that we have filled the phone's internal memory, microSD or both. At this point it is difficult to decide what is most worth deleting to make room, plus it probably has forgotten much trash that can be removed [...]

Análisis Windows Mobile Becomes really productive your Windows Mobile phone with SPB Mobile Shell

La ventana de today en Windows Mobile 5

In Windows Mobile splash screen, or "today" has always been the most critical operating system because it is what potential buyers will see first, and now phone users also see many times throughout the day. When I decided to switch to Windows Mobile, the HTC P3300 that I bought came with Windows Mobile 6.0 which quickly upgraded to 6.1. However, little had changed the display of "today" since the days of Windows Mobile 5 and above. The window today on Windows Mobile 5 However, this [...]

Análisis Windows Mobile Lock screen, media player and picture viewer iPhone style for Windows Mobile

S2U2 además de bloquear el equipo muestra toda la información interesante

Many users of the latest Windows Mobile phones (Omnia, Diamond, Touch Pro, Xperia ...) found an annoying disadvantage of touch "level" of the rest of the computer frame screens is very easy to be alone when pressed team will kept in a bag. Although we take him off, when we receive a call, an email or text message, alarm, etc, the machine will be activated, providing the possibility that the slightest touch any program to run. Furthermore, either by agreement with HTC operators, or pure law of Murphy, [...]

Análisis Windows Mobile Make your phone periodically notify missed calls, new messages and appointments

La pantalla Hoy nos muestra los mensajes, llamadas y tareas pendientes

Windows mobile is easy to tell at a glance if you have emails or unread text messages, missed calls, to-dos, etc. It's good to have the display "today" as the main screen, which is also available, if you remember, for PalmOS. The Today screen shows the messages, calls and tasks No, but we will not always remember to be every bit at the phone to see if at some point they have left elsewhere has entered a message or missed call. Plus it would go against what should be a [...]

Análisis Windows Mobile Play Parcheesi, Racko, Pazaak, One or miles on your phone or PDA

Pocket Parchisi para Windows Mobile

Now that summer is approaching, it's time to equip our teams with everything you need to have a good time with friends. Since our PDA or smart phone is always with us, it sure is handy when you relax a fancy playing a good game of cards while. But beyond the classic solitaire card, there are many other fun games that give variety to our entertainment. And there are also free for Windows Mobile, ready for download, with both VGA and QVGA versions and the ability to play against PDA, anywhere [...]

Análisis Palm Análisis Windows Mobile Automated attack handsfree bluetooth car road

Un manos libres bluetooth permite hablar por móvil sin soltar el volante

No doubt the bluetooth wireless technology has met its objective of eliminating cables in mobile phone accessories. Our life is much easier without having to connect the GPS or handsfree uncomfortable for serial cable. However all wireless technologies represent a loss of security if things are not done properly, the information not be restricted to what is physically a cable, but available in all directions and distance from the emitter. And in the case of bluetooth, wifi and in the situation is [...]

Análisis Windows Mobile Upload your videos and photos from your mobile to Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and other

Fotografía y vídeo han invadido nuestros teléfonos móviles

Mobile phones with ability to take photos and videos while you woke a social phenomenon worldwide. Anyone who takes up one of these phones can become a given news correspondent or reporter adventure time, share with your friends a curious fact, teach your partner or family what you are seeing even if they are hundreds of miles, etc. No doubt in a few years the quality of camera phones will improve to the point of making this an everyday thing. Photo and video cell phones have invaded Sin [...]

Análisis Windows Mobile Scout: abandonware puzzle game ported to Windows Mobile

Pantalla de bienvenida de S.C. Out

Today I found a curious case: an old MS-DOS game called SC Out is no longer possible to play almost no through DosBox emulator, and yet has a port to Windows Mobile that is perfectly functional. Scout is an old MS-DOS game developed by a French company called KALISTO, which no longer exists. Therefore, it can be considered that this game falls into what we know as abandonware ("abandoned" + "software"), ie without copyright and ready to download and enjoy. SC Welcome Screen Out The goal is to exterminate [...]

Análisis Windows Mobile Sudoku, Sokoban and other free games for your Windows Mobile

Skinz Sudoku

Today I want to talk about a prolific developer of free games for Windows Mobile, Xflib. The name really should be a library for Windows Mobile that these people have developed, which use their own games and give them that look really nice graphic and striking. Moreover, this library is available for anyone to use in their own creations for Windows Mobile, and on their website carefully there is a forum to get help, a wiki, tutorials and documentation that will make it easier to use this library. All games available on the web are free, [...]

Análisis Windows Mobile Advanced player and manager for Windows Mobile podcasts

Beyondpod nos permite gestionar nuestros podcasts en el teléfono

Some time ago in this article saw what was all this about podcasts. In short, it is the custom radio: chapters online programs are published and we decide what to download, we can subscribe to that interest us to be aware of when a new one is issued, listen to old, etc. The word podcasting is a blend of the words iPod and broadcasting. However, do not need an iPod to listen as it is about audio files that can be played on any device for the format: mp3, ogg, etc. According to many authors, the [...]