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Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Today on smartphones and PDAs is on Youtube

Youtube sirve para más cosas que ver vídeos graciosos

Gradually OEMs and developers of operating systems for smartphones and PDAs have discovered the feasibility of Youtube as a means of communicating their new releases. To keep up directly from the source, nothing better than to follow videos published respectively by their official Youtube users. Youtube serves more things to watch funny videos To facilitate you finding relevant videos on the subject, in this blog page you will find all official videos posted by Palm, Microsoft, Google, Nokia and videos with news and analyzes produced by [...]

Novedades Palm Videos of running WebOS, the new Palm Pre

Por fin los secretos del Palm pre, sucesor del Treo, al descubierto

Until recently we had to assess the new smartphone from Palm, the Palm Pre for photos, comments and rumors circulating on the Internet. However, thanks to the availability of an emulator for WebOS, the operating system Pre, people recorded video of what we will find when using this new computer and have uploaded to Youtube. And the truth is that I have left with my mouth open. At last the secrets of the Palm Pre, Treo successor, uncovered is a pleasure to see how it will move around the interface type "carousel" [...]

Novedades Palm Barclays Capital predicts a bestseller for Palm Pre

Palm pre, el cercano lanzamiento de Palm

As can be read in Top Tech News, the investment firm Barclays Capital has very high expectations for Palm Pre phone: predicts strong demand on launch day (June 6 in the USA) and sales estimated Palm $ 2,000 million (US $ 2 billion) by the end of 2009. Depending on the price it was finally the Pre Palm and other equipment could be sold between 3 and 6 million units. Palm Pre, Palm launch nearby Like Palm, Barclays thinks the market of smartphones [...]

Novedades Palm Confirmed compatibility of Palm Desktop 6.2 on Windows 7 RC1

Palm Desktop sincroniza nuestros datos, fotos, programas, etc

MrAnderson informs us this reassuring news. Looks like we will not have again the problermas appeared that arose when Windows Vista. Palm Desktop synchronizes your data, pictures, programs, etc. This is what your reader tells us Pedro Quiroz: MrAnderson, told him that a few days ago I decided to try the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 7 is already in phase RC1 . I installed the 64-bit version on my computer and I have been testing some programs, including Palm Desktop 6.2. He commented that as in Windows Vista, I have not had problems [...]

Novedades Palm Video PalmOS emulator for the Palm Pre WebOS

El juego Bejeweled 2 ejecutándose en Classic del Palm Pre

Great news for those who expect the rebirth of Palm with his new team Palm Pre and WebOS operating system: it confirms the existence of Classic, PalmOS Emulator (GarnetOS) for this new operating system, as already existed for Symbian and Windows Mobile or the Nokia N800. The game Classic Bejeweled 2 running on the Palm Pre And is that Palm does not suit you leave drydock more than 20,000 applications available for PalmOS. So have all these lists applications to run on the Palm Pre nothing to market launch, and [...]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Explanation, technology, cost and benefits of A-GPS system

Esquema del sistema A-GPS

The issue of assisted GPS or A-GPS is something I had thought about trying on a post, since many phones with GPS begin to incorporate this technology, and it's not clear what that advantages or cost. Juan C. García has gone ahead and published in moviManiac an explanation off his hat on the most important aspects of the A-GPS technology: System diagram A-GPS [...] To begin with, A-GPS means GPS Aided, therefore, all those people wondering if having A-GPS is having GPS, the answer is that [...]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Pre and webOS: Palm makes us dream again

Nuevo Palm Pre, la gran apuesta de Palm

Really impressive movement to return to Palm smartphone market through the front door. Still not everything is known about the new Palm Pre but the impression left can not be beat. New Palm Pre, Palm's big bet No more waiting year after year support for WiFi on the Treo, or bear the heavy slab PalmOS limitations when it comes to support new technologies and multimedia capabilities that other manufacturers are adding day to day. The operating system eventually NovaOS called has been replaced by [...]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Past, present and future as PDAs

De la Apple Newton ya hablamos en un post anterior

I was surprised to find an article in Consumer magazine where they talk about PDAs, smartphones, and past situation, peresente and future of this changing market. It's nice to put aside for a moment the opinions of the specialized media, and an explanation of this world summary for the people "in the street". The article is fairly complete, you talk about the beginnings of Palm, the Apple Newton, the Blackberry and iPhone, the entry of Windows Mobile on the market, the operating system Palm plans to release soon ... From Apple [... ]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Finally unified PC synchronization devices from all manufacturers

En Windows Vista, WMDC sustituye a ActiveSync

I did not want to stop commenting on one of the innovations that bring the upcoming Windows 7 (successor to Windows Vista). This is the personalized management of all types of devices, regardless of manufacturer or functionality. For example, over the multifunction printers appear in Windows as several independent devices: printers, scanners, storage device and an element created by the software manufacturer. In Windows Vista, WMDC replaces the old ActiveSync ActiveSync Evolution to the Windows Mobile Device Center (in Castilian Windows Mobile Device Center) already surprised with personalized identification of [...]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Changes to the blog to facilitate filtering Articles

WordPress una vez más demuestra que es personalizable hasta el extremo

Since I decided to include in the blog articles focusing on Windows Mobile devices, I've been thinking how to make all readers sintiéseis you at ease. My interest is that for that you have a Palm will not be a hassle articles on Windows Mobile, and vice versa; but I do not want to maintain two separate different blogs content, because I think it's good to be informed of what is happening on both sides, both in one direction and the other to have a complete picture of the changing, and recently very active, world PDAs and [...]