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Novedades Windows Mobile Ubuntu running on a HTC Touch Pro 2

Ubuntu 8.04 corriendo en una HTC Touch Pro 2

The week is proving surprising. If yesterday talking about the pleasant surprise that has led the native version of Opera Mini 5 for Windos Mobile, today I has perplexed to see nothing less than a full installation of Ubuntu running on a HTC Touch 2. And the fluid that moves ! Occupies about 200Mb and run from the MicroSD card. Ubuntu 8.04 running on a HTC Touch Pro 2 And is that recent high-end phones are not that far in benefits what a netbook. The HTC Touch 2 have such a [...]

Novedades Windows Mobile Opera Mini 5 beta for Windows Mobile Native: fly!

Opera Mini 5 beta, ahora en versión nativa para Windows Mobile

Lately there is not much activity in the world of Windows Mobile 6. Android has grabbed all the efforts of developers, leaving Microsoft operating system in a state of hibernation, while the appearance of Windows Phone 7. It is expected not mean by this you are not enjoying daily life of my HTC P3300 with Windows Mobile 6.5.5. I can do everything I need and more, and overall I'm very pleased with it. However a point that had been lame was that of Internet browsers. Let's review the main options from the point [...]

Novedades Windows Mobile Windows Marketplace and install to SD card and allows you to change the geographical area

El Windows Marketplace ha recibido necesarias mejoras

After many complaints from users finally have solved the major shortcomings of Windows Marketplace, the online shop of Windows Mobile applications. The Windows Marketplace has received improvements needed As we read in the Windows Mobile Dev Blog: Added the World View feature that allows users to browse catalogs of other geographical areas and purchase applications. For example, a Spanish buyer can now browse the catalog of United States, or a Canadian by Japan. At last you can choose to install the programs on the storage card. Best discovery of [...]

Novedades Windows Mobile OpnMarket the appstore free programs for Windows Mobile

OpnMarket permite navegar por miles de aplicaciones gratuitas

No doubt find and install applications for our phones is much simpler since appeared AppStores or stores navigable applications from the device itself. First it was Apple with its App Store, then Android with Android Market and finally Microsoft and its Windows Marketplace. However, the project that has caught my attention is OpnMarket an appstore created by a user (not) the forum XDA-Developers archiconocido, which thrives on the many existing applications in also recommended page free applications. OpnMarket can browse thousands of [...]

General Novedades Windows Mobile On August 7 123456789 comes time!

Celebra el momento 123456789 el próximo 7 de agosto

Tomorrow, August 7, at 12:34 pm, in the second 56, we can see at any time exactly are the 12:34:56 7 8 '09, ie the 123456789. This It will not happen again in our lifetime, so we should not miss it. To do nothing better to install this application for Windows Mobile that when you get this special moment, it will display a calendar with a recordándonoslo message. Celebrate the moment 123456789 next August 7 August 7 application turns you crazy to feel yourself witnessing an amazing event to Occur on [...]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Today on smartphones and PDAs is on Youtube

Youtube sirve para más cosas que ver vídeos graciosos

Gradually OEMs and developers of operating systems for smartphones and PDAs have discovered the feasibility of Youtube as a means of communicating their new releases. To keep up directly from the source, nothing better than to follow videos published respectively by their official Youtube users. Youtube serves more things to watch funny videos To facilitate you finding relevant videos on the subject, in this blog page you will find all official videos posted by Palm, Microsoft, Google, Nokia and videos with news and analyzes produced by [...]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Explanation, technology, cost and benefits of A-GPS system

Esquema del sistema A-GPS

The issue of assisted GPS or A-GPS is something I had thought about trying on a post, since many phones with GPS begin to incorporate this technology, and it's not clear what that advantages or cost. Juan C. García has gone ahead and published in moviManiac an explanation off his hat on the most important aspects of the A-GPS technology: System diagram A-GPS [...] To begin with, A-GPS means GPS Aided, therefore, all those people wondering if having A-GPS is having GPS, the answer is that [...]

Novedades Windows Mobile Windows Mobile not far from Windows CE as it seemed

Explorer CE desbloqueado en Windows Mobile 6

It seems that Microsoft still leaves buried remains of obsolete versions of your software in the latest versions. Although many years have passed since the first versions of Windows CE, a hacker has descuberto and running on Windows Mobile 6 on Windows CE Explorer oldest, much like wearing at the time unlocked Windows 95. Windows CE Explorer Mobile 6 At I read in the comments seem to like this "new" interface. I wonder if Microsoft will stop drag from version to version useless dead code and backward, which makes their systems [...]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Pre and webOS: Palm makes us dream again

Nuevo Palm Pre, la gran apuesta de Palm

Really impressive movement to return to Palm smartphone market through the front door. Still not everything is known about the new Palm Pre but the impression left can not be beat. New Palm Pre, Palm's big bet No more waiting year after year support for WiFi on the Treo, or bear the heavy slab PalmOS limitations when it comes to support new technologies and multimedia capabilities that other manufacturers are adding day to day. The operating system eventually NovaOS called has been replaced by [...]

Novedades Palm Novedades Windows Mobile Past, present and future as PDAs

De la Apple Newton ya hablamos en un post anterior

I was surprised to find an article in Consumer magazine where they talk about PDAs, smartphones, and past situation, peresente and future of this changing market. It's nice to put aside for a moment the opinions of the specialized media, and an explanation of this world summary for the people "in the street". The article is fairly complete, you talk about the beginnings of Palm, the Apple Newton, the Blackberry and iPhone, the entry of Windows Mobile on the market, the operating system Palm plans to release soon ... From Apple [... ]